Once the design is completed and approved, the process of transferring the ideas from paper to wood begins. We take great care in selecting timbers of appropriate size, quality and species.  We enjoy the technical challenge of working with Nature to find natural curves and unique pieces which stretch our abilities, highlight the frame and resolve structural forces in the building.  By utilizing the layout methods of several different timber framing traditions, we are able to join any number of timbers together in any number of relationships.

 Incorporating both modern and ancient tooling and techniques, we shape the mortise and tenon joinery to precise tolerances in our 10,000 sq. ft. workshop.  Once the joinery is cut, we pre-fit all assemblies and plane and oil the timbers.

The completed frame is carefully delivered to site and erected by us in a matter of days – we call it “old school modular”.  The raising is the grand culmination after several months of planning and cutting; it is always a memorable day for both the builder and the client.  We continue the process with complete General Contracting services, as the project requires.  These may include project management, frame enclosure, whole home building, and other specialty woodwork.  We are committed to providing exceptional workmanship on-time and on-budget.